Git Ninja Training

Leto Labs LLC specializes in training new Git Ninjas in the way of Git-fu. Need to design a new branch merging strategy for your team? We can work with lead developers to migrate current development practices to a new Git workflow that is more flexible and efficient.

No previous knowledge of version control systems is needed to become a Git Ninja. We have trainings geared towards all levels of Git Ninjas, from those wanting to understand the basic foundations of how Git works, to those looking to master complex Git commands and excel at distributed software development workflows.

Whatever you use, be it Github, Gitorious, Gitosis, Gitweb or a home-brewed Git solution, we can help you train new hires, improve the skills of current employees and migrate teams to new workflows in record time.

Git Conversions

Migrating to Git from Subversion, CVS or another version control system? We can help! Does git-svn seem like black magic? Let us help you with the encantations. Have you tried to convert a CVS repo to Git and run away screaming into the night? Let the resident VCS ninjas at Leto Labs, LLC do the hard work of figuring out whether a Wakizashi or Katana is needed to get the job done.