Any company large enough to have a research lab is too large to listen to it.
- Alan Kay

Leto Labs LLC is a new kind of research lab. We fund ourselves, so we don't have to worry about being ignored or constrained by those that do.

Leto Labs LLC specializes in researching, developing and deploying Free/Libre/Open Source (FLOSS) Software Solutions across various disciplines including automation, version control, scientific computing, visualization, databases and data analysis, simulation and even those quaint devices known as websites.

We hack on stuff that changes the world. What else would you want to spend your time on?

The philosophy of Leto Labs LLC is that building reusable and accessible components benefits everyone. Instead of writing 100 lines of proprietary code that will never see the light of day, one can almost always write 80 lines of code that is reusable and then another 20-30 lines of code that specializes that reusable component for a specific situation. Accessible code is code that is easy to download and install. Grab our code on Github and check our blog for updates.

Selected Services

Custom Perl Development

We know Perl. Whether you need to fix bugs in legacy Perl, implement a new project using Moose or prototype an algorithm using Perl 6 grammars, we can help.

Git Ninja Training and Git Conversions

We train Git ninjas to expertly throw precise shurikens of VCS skill at any problem as well as help design and implement conversions from other systems to Git.

Bioinformatics Consulting

Need help with your bioinformatics data? We can help.

Please feel free to use our contact form so that Leto Labs LLC can help you design and implement the next generation of software for your organization.